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Touchline Software
Owner and Founder, Alan W. Paul

    Education and Professional Credentials:
    Baccalaureate - Business Administration / Accounting
    Masters of Business Administration / Finance
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    MS Access Expert

    Starting his career in public accounting, Alan focused on auditing small business and non-profit organizations. His interest in business systems and in working with people to implement solutions that improve business processes resulted in a 23 year career in the business accounting products industry.

    A fascination with database design and its potential lead Alan to spend his spare time studying programming languages and developing database solutions (to improve his own productivity). His efforts earned him his certification as a Microsoft Certified Professional.

    In 1996, Alan established Touchline Software with the introduction of his first proprietary product, QuickPermit™, developed for use in California's public schools.

    In California, as in many other states, work permits are issued through the public school system to allow students to seek outside employment. The issuance process is intended to protect the health and safety of minor workers and to ensure that employment does not adversely affect the student's academic success.

    Since it's inception, QuickPermit has grown to become the most widely used software for the issuance and management of student work permits. Its rapid success was achieved largely through word-of-mouth referrals from a growing list of customers whose expectations of customer service are regularly exceeded.

    Today, QuickPermit remains the cornerstone of Touchline's focus. We are currently exploring the administrative and programmatic requirements for expanding QuickPermit nationally.

    In addition to software consulting services to industry and government, Alan has found it personally rewarding to participate in our education system as an adjunct professor, teaching database management.

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